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Elvarg is a 317 Loading OSRS, Economy while reviving the wilderness server. We aim to satisfy and do our best at ensuring a long-term running server.

– Bosses –
[-]: Barrelchest
[-]: Dagg Kings
[-]: KBD
[-]: Giant Mole
[-]: Kq
[-]: All Godwars
[-]: Corp
[-]: Dagannoth Mother
[-]: Kraken
[-]: Zulrah
[-]: Cerberus
[-]: Abyssal Sire
[-]: Demonic Gorillas
[-]: Lizardman Shaman

– Skilling –
[-]: RC
[-]: Hunter
[-]: Agility, including 5 rooftop courses
[-]: Herblore
[-]: Thieving
[-]: Crafting
[-]: Fletching
[-]: Slayer
[-]: Mining
[-]: Smithing
[-]: Fishing
[-]: Firemaking
[-]: Farming
[-]: Woodcutting

– Minigames –
[-]: Raids
[-]: Warriors Guild
[-]: PC
[-]: Fight Caves
[-]: Barrows
[-]: Clan Wars
[-]: Shayzien Assault
[-]: Mage Arena
[-]: Duel arena (up to date OSRS interfaces)
[-]: Inferno

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What Is Zera?

Zera is one of the most content packed 317 server with loads of unique content such as Inferno.
At Zera we strive for perfection, we understand even the smallest bug is important and we gain great pleasure
from being able to fix the bugs our community has spotted out there and we plan to keep it this way.
Our staff team at Zera comes with a vast amount of experience and professionalism and are always
looking to help, even us the owners will dedicate a portion of our busy day to come ingame and answer questions
and communicate with the players as we beleive this to be part of the key to a successful and thriving community.
So come join us, check us out and see what you’re missing out on. We’re full of unique fun content and you may
even make a friend or two and even more! » 25 skills, including Hunter, Construction, Summoning and Dungeoneering. » More than 15 active minigames, including Inferno & Pest Control » More than 25 bosses with special mechanics and unique drops. » More than 100 challenging achievements. » Wilderness activities, including Multi Boss Events & Wilderness bosses » Bounty hunter target system in the wilderness. » Fully working bank place holders & tabs » Fully working raids 2 items with there correct effects. » Shooting stars & Evil trees. » Player owned shops. » Custom Server trivia » Active gambling (Flower poker, dicing) » Custom Anti-Scam Gambling System for 8 different gambling styles! » Active Duel arena staking. » Full curses with proper effects. » Active ingame leaderboards & web-side highscores! » Custom Npc Drop Table

Dont forget to join our discord!

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Hi everyone,

my my name is Altar. I registered for this website a long time ago but I guess I never got around to making an intro. See you around!

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Site:[Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content] Vote: [Hidden Content]vote/ News: Active & updated daily! Come and join now! “The best innovation 2006 of its time”

Hello there! Fellow player Ghfury from ScapeRune, and I’d like to tell YOU all about it

~Use ctrl+f to search for something! ~This thread is under development (Do not rant)

-2006 RSPS (462) Owner: Ryan -Active community since August, 2015 -Daily Updates! -Experience Rate: 2x -Active, Friendly, Helpful! -Needs more players like you! -Open for advertisement!

~Server Update Deadline: July 4th 2007

~QOL & Bug fixing ~Holiday Events ~Specifications & Security

Active Community

Mysterious Encounters

Grind Skilling

Intense PVM

We’ll see you here

Server Advertisement Video

Farewell fellow RuneSuite user Hope you enjoyed! Thankyou and make it a great day!

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